Application for the use of Loudspeaker Form English

Application for the use of Loudspeaker Form English

Application for use of Loudspeaker (Page 1)

Poke Starson Stength Nate and Address

Part A Details of Loudspeaker Use


Applications for kids uses Process on

Programme in open space

Name of Applicant

Address & Contact Number

Society Union Party

Manda and Reg No

Name and contact

Detais of Organveer

Nature of Evert

Day & Date of Everg

Location of Everit



Dulation of use

Ekat Time


End Time

Number of oudspeakers


You No

Generator Facility


Contractor’s Name


Copy of Loudspeaker

Attached Not Attached

Coreactors Per

I understand that Permission for use of loudspeaker is granted subject to the terms and

conditons as stated below

1 Loudspeaker used should be box type with maximum sun allowed 15 X 10

2 Maximus capacity slowed is 35 watts

Application for use of Loudspeaker (Page 2)

As Per The Noise Portion (Regulation and Common Rs 2000 the sound level allowed is limited to the following Area

Day (0600 hrs-2200 hrs) After 22.00 hrs Only on the day specially

permitted by Govt.

Industrial Zone

75 dB (A) Leg

70 dB (A) Leg

Commercial Area

65 dB (A) Leg

55 dB (A) Leg

Residential Area

Stent Zone

55 dB (A) Leg

50 dB (A) Leg

45 dB (A) Leo

40 dB (A) Leg

Within 100m radious of hospital educational

institution, courts, religous Places

Use of loudspeaker is Prohibited.

Between 2200 hrs and 0600 hrs.

-On a moving vehicle.

Placement of loudseaker should not be changed from that stated in this application without

obtaing Prior Permission from the Police

if terms and conditions as stated inthe Permit are abused ipudspeaker contractor will be

prosecuted under Section 131 of the Bombay Police Act 1551

As Per Section 15 of the Environment Protectin) Act of 1966 violation of any of the

Provision of the Environment (Protection Act of 1900 or any orderirules thereunder wil

na jau term of 5 years and a fine of Rs 100,000(Rs 1 Lakh)

Loudspeaker license fee Payable is as stated below

h Use of Loudspeaker during Procession Rs 5 Court Fee Stamp ONLY

) Use of loudspeaker during Programme in open space Rs Cout Feelitamp AND

New License application

7-day License

Renewal of more than 7 days our less than 30 days

Ra 10

Rs 50

Pa 7 day

Renewal for more than 30 days

Annual License

The Police reserves the right to revoke Parmission at their discretion


Signature of Applicant